There are no stupid questions!

15 Aug 2016

Trust us! There are no stupid questions! Are you starting your school visits? Does the thought of the process make you feel a bit queasy?  As cliché as this may sound…..YOU ARE NOT ALONE! It is important to feel comfortable with the school you choose to attend.  After all you are required to complete a certain number of hours of training to become a licensed cosmetologist.  You also want to feel good about the work you perform once you graduate and that starts by feeling confident with the education you receive. The biggest piece of advice we can give you to help ease your school visit experience is to ask.

What are you doing once you graduate?

12 Jul 2016

Take the Leap If you’re a graduating senior, then we’re sure you are well acquainted with the most dreaded question every senior is asked... “so, what are you doing once you graduate?” Unless you already have it all figured out to the T…. it’s something that is already on your mind every second of the day.  We know that no matter how many times you say you’re moving to LA to become a backup dancer for Beyoncé, or you’re undergoing leg-lengthening surgery to improve your chances of becoming a Rockette, you know these are just answers to laugh off the looming weight on your shoulders. Instead of dwelling on the.

Lovin Local in February 2013

06 Feb 2013

Check out some great local businesses, Hastings Beauty School is about half way through the video.

Hastings Beauty School will offer part time schedules!

27 Dec 2012

Hastings Beauty School has always gone the extra distance to accommodate student needs in providing everything they need in order to receive top cosmetology education and help them achieve the high standards required in a demanding career. Scheduling and special instruction has not been the least of our efforts to promote success in all students. Until now, however, we have adverted and discouraged and plainly said no to part time educational programs. However with the ever increased demand in providing the best possible education and training facility beginning in 2013 Hastings Beauty School will begin offering specialized part time schedules to new students in order to help those students who want to work.

Hastings Beauty School News

25 Sep 2012

Hastings Beauty School has undergone a makeover in the shampoo and pedicure areas.  The old linoleum flooring was replaced with new ceramic tile with a stone finish.  The new floor looks fantastic and will prove to be a far better working surface as it won’t absorb anything that might be spilled on it. The old pedicure thrones were also replaced with new state of the art thrones with full massaging back and bright, lighted spa tubs.  This includes the pipe-less technology which will make sanitation easy.  The pedicure stations have always been high-use equipment because of the lengthy full service spa treatment that customers receive when they book the spa.

**New – Hastings Bridge Update**

19 Sep 2012

At this point, the Project is poised to float the Main Span down river this Saturday, starting after 6 a.m. The span will then be moved onto a skid system that will align it within the Piers 5 and 6. After that, strand jacks will be used to lift it into place. As with the move on to barges, the entire process is likely to be very slow to observer. The work can best be viewed via webcams and video that will be available on the Project's website, The website also includes additional detail about the span and process. The following is information you should know and share for the.

Have you ever been inside…Hastings Beauty School?

14 Sep 2012

For nearly 50 years, post-secondary students have been coming to Hastings to learn a skill to launch their professional careers in the beauty industry. Their destination is the Hastings Beauty School, located in historic downtown Hastings. When potential new students come to the school, they get a personal tour and sit- down with staff. The big thing the school wants to know is if a new student has really considered a career in cosmetology, said owner Dan Lynch. He wants to make sure the students will enjoy the work, he said. Once a prospective student decides for certain she or he wants to attend the school, they start talking with.

Hastings Bridge Update

11 Sep 2012
Hastings Bridge Update

2nd Street Overnight closures start tomorrow There will be overnight closures on 2nd Street starting at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, September 12 and Thursday, September 13. As you may have noticed, we’ve started to remove the falsework – or temporary supports – for the southbound lanes of the South Approach. The closure is needed for the part of the approach spanning 2nd Street. This work is not related to the current Main Span float-in and will not affect two-way traffic across the river or access to local businesses and residences. All lanes will reopen daily by 6 a.m., and parking will remain available on 2nd Street immediately east of the.

Hastings Beauty School & Team John

08 Jun 2012

On Saturday, June 2, 2012, Hastings Beauty School opened to provide “Team John” Haircuts for the public. John “Mikko” Gegan, who is a 5-year-old resident of Hastings, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma early this past spring. Neuroblastoma is a childhood cancer that develops from nerve tissue. John has been receiving chemotherapy and is scheduled to have surgery to remove a tumor. All proceeds – almost $600 – went to the Gegan family to provide support for medical bills. People came from Hastings and the surrounding communities to get the discounted haircuts and help provide support to John and his family. The staff of Hastings Beauty School donated their time to help.

In Hastings, coifs and a cause at cut-rate prices

10 Mar 2011

The Hastings Beauty School serves students and clients of all ages from Minnesota and Wisconsin. You’re invited. By JOY POWELL, Star Tribune Photos By Marlin Levison, Star Tribune Your chair awaits you. Students at the Hastings Beauty School, in the renovated Gardner Hotel built in 1884, are inviting the community to come in and see the multi-million-dollar investment by owner Dan Lynch — and get hair, nail or skin care at bargain prices. Lynch said beyond “affordable prices in tough economic times,” clients also help students to achieve their dreams. But business has been slow lately, and too often, the students have only each other and mannequins to work on..

Natural Beauty and the Cosmetologist

20 Dec 2010

Contemporary pundits and social critics decry the beauty and fashion industry for the national obsession with physical appearance and the social pressures foisted upon young girls to achieve the right mix of physical proportion and artful presentation. These critics claim that young girls are expected to achieve unrealistic and often unhealthy standards of beauty. They implore us to seek self acceptance and forgo attention to, or effort in, the pursuit of the cover girl appearance. Fortunately there is no plot by the beauty industry to make us feel bad about ourselves. What is frequently neglected in any discussion of beauty is that it requires work, usually hard work and sometimes.

Hastings Beauty School Thanksgiving Press Release

24 Nov 2010

Holiday fever has struck Hastings Beauty School with events and games. The students started the season early with a Halloween costume contest. Enthusiasm was available in abundance and it showed with many imaginative costumes, including an impressive Teletubby costume, pirates and assorted spooks. Hastings Beauty School prides itself on providing a great education with connections to many salons in the metro area. But in addition to the education we are a family with close connection to each other and positive environment. School should be fun. At Hastings Beauty School we provide an open and reaffirming atmosphere where students can gain the education, experience and confidence needed to pass their state.

Minnesota Beauty School – New Release

24 Oct 2010

Hastings Beauty School celebrates 5 full years in its new location in the Historic Gardner Building in downtown Hastings. It’s hard to believe that it was five years ago that the complete renovation of the first floor of the Gardner Building was done and the beauty school students were welcomed into the fashionable new facilities located on the corner of Ramsey and 2nd Street in Historic Hastings, Minnesota. The facilities have been a great asset and have greatly enhanced the reputation of Hastings Beauty School. Careers in cosmetology continue to be a growing field and cosmetology students from both Minnesota and Wisconsin continue to be excited about the quality of.

Beauty school plans for new digs – Gardner House slated for extreme makeover.

10 Jul 2005

Published on 07/10/2005 By Frederick Melo, Pioneer Press HASTINGS – What’s a beauty school to do when the coifs are cutting edge but the digs are a drag? In downtown Hastings, history has a date with hair care, and their budding romance is funding the makeover of one of the state’s oldest hotel buildings. Employees at the Hastings Beauty School like to joke that theirs is the “funner” school of cosmetology, where students, according to the school motto, “learn to help people feel beautiful” in a chatty, relaxed atmosphere. But the school’s two-floor layout in a Second Street storefront has budding beauticians all but bumping heads. As students run up.

Beauty school to move

09 Jun 2005

Published on 6/9/2005 By Ben Ganje – Star Gazette Managing Editor Dan Lynch hopes his renovation of two downtown buildings – which is one of the most ambitious in recent downtown history – will boost his beauty school business. Others hope his project, which is one of the most ambitious in recent memory, help revitalize the area. His $1.5 million project will move Hastings Beauty School, which he bought two years ago, about 50 feet east into the ground level of the Fitch and Gardner House buildings. It’s that 50 feet that Lynch said will send his business into the 21st century by creating a state-of-the-art school that will attract.